About Us

We are all about loose leaf and fancy tea! We love tea, it all its colours, shapes and flavours. We think loose leaf tea is the new coffee!

We donate part of our profits to local and national charities.

Loose leaf tea has been proven to be such a healthy drink and to promote the sale of this, while also supporting people to change their circumstances is a wonderful connection.

We hope you will enjoy our tea and learn more about all its fascinating variety.

Plastic Free
You may know that most tea bags contain plastic (typically this is to seal them, to stop them from falling apart). We do not have plastic in our tea bags. Our tea-bags are 100% biodegradable, and come from maintained, sustainable resources.
Where possible, all our packaging is already recycled and is bio-degradable.

Ethical Tea
Our teas are supplied by member organisations of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Their goal is to provide consumers with a transparent view on where tea is produced. All aspects of the quality of lives for those living and working on tea estates is covered including fair compensation, health coverage, housing and childcare.

For more information visit the Ethical Partnership website.

Where can you find us?
We run regularly markets and fairs.  You can also buy online. We are growing all the time, and our tea is becoming available in more places.

To name a few of our friends:

Make sure to check out our Instagram page to find for the latest developments.